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Name: Rosemary fF.
Location: Albany, NY
Best sugar free coffee ice cream. Travel all the way from NY. just to get it
Posted on: Tuesday - Oct 4, 2016
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Name: Sandy M
Location: Greenfield, MA
Love, love Big Daddy's. It's the only place I get my ice cream. Just returned with 4 pints to have after closing in a week. Will probably go back again for another few pints. I have to have my Big Daddy Ice Cream fix during the winter. Clap
Reply: Thank you, so much! Enjoy.
Posted on: Sunday - Oct 2, 2016
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Name: Suzanne S.
Location: Biddeford, ME
My guests at the Palace in Fortunes Rocks wrote a review that included this: "If you get here by driving through Wells...be sure to stop in at Big Daddy's for some of the tastiest ice cream ever!"
Reply: Thank you, so much. Nice of you to mention this on our web site.
Posted on: Tuesday - Jul 12, 2016
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Name: Roxanne W.
Location: Denver, CO
I love you guys! Grape Nut ice cream is the best and you can't find it anywhere (hardly)!
Reply: You want it - we got it! Thank you, Roxanne!
Posted on: Sunday - Mar 27, 2016
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Name: Mike D.
Location: Philadelphia, PA
The best ice cream ever! make sure you try the peanut butter sauce! My wife's favorite is the grapenut.
Reply: Nice! Keep coming back - we love hearing such great stories!
Posted on: Sunday - Mar 6, 2016
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Name: Victoria
Location: Pflugerville, Tx
I just spent 3.5 weeks in Maine during August and September. This is the absolute BEST ice cream!! I managed to have it 7 times during my stay....Smiley

Thank you!!!
Reply: Thank you, for taking the time to send in your testimonial. We are so glad that you enjoyed our ice cream. Hope to see you again on your next visit.
Posted on: Sunday - Sep 20, 2015
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Name: Eliza
Location: New York
Best ice cream ever! Just scheduled our vacation and I'm already planning on what flavors I'm going to get!
Reply: We look forward to your visit! Thank you.
Posted on: Friday - May 15, 2015
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Name: Ted R.
Location: Wilton, CT
Simply put the best. Been going there forever. When they have it the Peach and Blueberry are awesome. My mom likes the Coffee Heathbar Crunch. Wife goes with the Peanut Butter Cup, son the old stand by Black Raseberry. Like others say, It's worth the drive.
Posted on: Sunday - Oct 27, 2013
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Name: Janice D.
Location: Madawaska
Came upon your ice cream place this summer while visiting our daughter in Biddeford. Best ice cream ever!!!! Our daughter actually takes a drive once a week at least to have some of your ice cream.
Posted on: Wednesday - Aug 28, 2013
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Name: Roxanne W.
Location: Denver, CO
I've been going to Big Daddy's every summer since it opened!! My favorite flavor is Grapenut - you can't find it in the West!
Posted on: Sunday - Aug 25, 2013
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Name: Lois D.
Location: Slingerlands, NY
From a serious ice creamaholic!
BIG DADDY'S is THE BEST ice cream in Maine, on the east coast, the entire country!!!
It is pure, simply creamy, (no ice bumps, no gumminess. Each spoonful to be savored!
Family Favorites: coffee, mocha chip, raspberry chip! BD's is worth a trip from anywhere! ENJOY
Posted on: Thursday - Aug 15, 2013
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Name: Elizabeth
Location: Southern NH
The homemade waffle cone was amazing! Service was very good.
Posted on: Tuesday - Jul 9, 2013
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Name: Brian F.
Location: Wells, Maine
Awesome ice cream. Stay open all winter please Smiley
Posted on: Thursday - May 30, 2013
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Posted on: Sunday - May 5, 2013
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Name: Maggie L.
Location: Kennebunkport
I absolutely love this icecream! I brought my boyfriend here when he first moved to southern maine, and now its our favorite place to go get ice cream after dinner <3
Posted on: Friday - May 3, 2013
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